When You’re Hot, and Then You’re Not

I was on the beach earlier this past summer. As I looked around at the people going about their seaside activities, it occurred to me that though it was hot, I was not. Not that I ever was, but don’t we all think we’re pretty hot stuff during our more physically prime years?

This is true outside of our bodies. Our minds, spirits and our work can all go from hot one moment to not in the next. That’s why CEOs get replaced, athletes traded, let go or retire, and why most movie stars are only stars during the times when they can appear and perform at their hottest.

What do you do when you are hot, and when you’re not?

One of the secrets to happiness is knowing when you’re hot, and making the most of the moment, then recognizing when you’re not, and making the right choices that transition you to a better place that is more suited to your current set of circumstances.

In order to make that transition, you have to be willing to make a change. With the right change, you can once again find yourself in a hot spot, as a big shot, until someday comes around again, and then you’re not.