Your Wake

Your Wake. I’m not referring to your death watch or vigil. The wake I want to bring attention to is the one that comes from lineal motion on the surface of liquid.

When a boat moves on a body of water it leaves a wake behind it. The wake goes out from the back of the boat in both directions with a force that causes the water to turn into waves. The waves then grow momentum as they travel to a point of impact where they die, like at the water’s shoreline.

I like to fish. It’s always interesting and frustrating when a boat goes by at high speed then minutes later our little fishing boat becomes part of a tossed salad.

On the other hand, some boats travel by at a more gentlemanly manner. In this case our boat just glides up and down over the waking waves in a nice smooth rhythmic.

Each boat puts out a wake. The experience of each wake is different. One is more violent and damaging. The other is tolerable, sometimes fun.

As we go through life, we too are making a wake. Remember that.