Your Mojo

You’re in the zone. At peak performance. You’re content, happy, at peace. Your mojo is working.

These are times when life feels good as if you and it are in harmony. We’ve all been there before. For some, it still happens. For others, you can’t remember the last time you felt this way.

How do you get these moments back? How do you get your mojo working again? The answers are simple, the attainment harder—unless you make a conscious effort.

Ready for the magical solutions? Here they are:

Decide to be happy, be positive in attitude, work as if serving others ahead of yourself is important, laugh and have humor, cultivate and use your special talents and gifts, be prepared to welcome interruptions even as you make goals, and set worry aside as you reside in the present without fear of the future or being stuck in the past. Finally, work hard. Real hard.

Your mojo is the spirit within you. It will pour itself into all these areas of your life as you align yourself to the right reasons and seasons.