Your Island

I have a home on an island. Topsail Island. I decided ten years ago that I wanted to someday live on this island. It took that long to do it. Now I have that part-time home, office and studio that overlooks a sandy beach of the beautiful Atlantic.

The process of achieving this goal actually took longer and started much sooner than ten years ago. When it started, I didn’t know about Topsail Island. My goal wasn’t to live on an island. In fact, I didn’t know for sure what my island was back then. But I did know that I would or should have big goals. Those goals are islands.

The island doesn’t have to be literal. The island represents the goal … the destination, the dream, the thing that you want to attain. Your island could be finding the person of your dreams and getting married. Your island could be that next car, or paying one off. In business, you have islands as well—those objectives and milestones you are striving to attain.

What’s your island? Decide then start doing what it takes to get there someday. Each step, every day, is a step closer to your island.