Wrapped in Smarts

Work smart, not just hard. For me that took a long time to sink in and become a natural part of how I try do things.

I’ve found that working smart plays an enormous part in accomplishing things, achieving goals and attracting opportunities. That’s because things, situations, and people, have a way of being drawn toward what appears wise, clever and effective.

In the world of branding and visual solutions to image and impression, people in the industry now refer to intelligent design, or smart design, when judging whether or not something is actually wise, clever or effective.

To be considered smart, a brand needs to be wrapped in smarts. It has to look smart, sound smart, lead with smart calls to action, have a smart back story and have smart written all over its DNA.

In other words, it takes a lot more today than it used to for the world to consider something, or someone, as smart. But the effort is worth it. So is the work it takes to fully wrap your work with smarts. Smart work, with hard work, pays off