Whoops – I just ate the dog’s medicine!

“Whoops … I just ate the dog’s medicine!”

Part of my morning routine involves taking a prescription. After all, I’m aging. And so is my dog. She’s now over one hundred years old. Needless to say, at that age she is going to have issues. It just turns out that she has one right now and it involves her having to take pills too – every morning and evening.

Now, it is quite understandable when my dog forgets that she’s inside and supposed to pee outside. I have to accept that she’ll be absent minded now and then. But at only forty-six I need to be more mindful of what I’m doing. I got a nice reminder of this when I woke up and without paying attention I ended up taking the dog’s medicine instead of my own.

The outcome was uneventful and free of any negative circumstance. In fact, the steroids, pain reliever and anti-infection pills meant for my dog might have actually did me some good in case anything was brewing on the inside.

Not all outcomes turn out as well. Many mindless mistakes can lead to disaster or turmoil but can be avoided by just paying attention to what is being done at the time.

Paying attention leads to building impressions.