When You Wanna

I recently conducted a mini poll by asking people to chime in online with thoughts on communication.

The answers varied as I supposed they would. I was looking for some insights, trends and clues from the responses that might also suggest how people behave or do other things besides communicate. How one chooses to communicate, or when, is often reflective of how she or he conducts other activities in their lives.

The responses I was most captivated by were from the people who said they only communicate when they want to and at times of their choosing. Admittedly, some are bad at communicating, and they are okay with it. They do it when they wanna instead of when they should.

An email can be ignored for months due to having a preference for texting. But a text might also take anywhere from a day to weeks for a reply, maybe never depending on mood and the choice at the other end of the originating sender of the first message. A phone call today can be screened and a return call never made.

Apparently, some of the courtesy rules of the past are just that. They are stuck in the past. Many people today will communicate and do what they wanna, when they wanna. This can be selfish if not carried out with care. Nothing comes out of selfishness accept temporary power or silos, walls, and dysfunction.

Companies, countries, and people are at their best when cooperative, responsive, and selfless. But you gotta wanna make it that way, unless you just don’t wanna, or you just wanna keep doing things your very own way.