Water in the Jar

When it comes to priorities and balancing life’s demands, I think most people have seen the demonstration with the jar.

The jar represents you. Then you fill the jar starting with a handful of larger rocks, then smaller stones followed by sand. The larger rocks represent the things in your life most important to you. Once those are in the jar, in the smaller spaces between the rocks there is room for the smaller stones—the things in life that are important but not as high a priority. Even with the rocks and stones in the jar there is yet room for more … just as life hands us more for our time and attention. That is what the sand represents as it settles in the remaining pockets and spaces between the rocks and stones.

Once the jar is filled to the top, it might look full, but it isn’t. The jar, which is you and your life, will still accept even more. This is demonstrated by pouring a pitcher full of water into the jar that is easily able to be captured and absorbed.

The main point of the jar is to be mindful of your larger rocks before the smaller things take over your life. As important as the rocks are, I like to focus on the water as well.

No matter how much is going on in your life, your jar will always contain some water. The water in the jar touches everything in it. It affects your mind, heart, soul and spirit. The water is your values, beliefs and motivators.

What’s in your water?

Be sure to keep it clean and pure so it doesn’t contaminate your goals, dreams or efforts. The water in your life is as important as your priorities.