Walking Talking Bookshelf

Everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell becomes part of you. That includes books. The words are like food as they are absorbed, digested, and become part of you.

Food provides nourishment. Air keeps you alive. Books feed your intellect and creativity. They exercise your brain. They inspire ideas and plans. They add to your knowledge. Knowledge can be shared. Knowledge can challenge or inspire to think and act in ways that are life-changing.

A book can change a life. I am grateful to the books and writers who helped change mine. I read them. They became a part of me. The words are recorded and stored on my internal bookshelf. I can take one off the shelf and use it anytime I want. They become an excellent reference when needing to call upon their insights either for myself or to share with others. Over time I’ve read hundreds of books. I’ve become a walking talking bookshelf.

This year, read more books. For some of you, that might mean reading your first book in years. Read to learn something. Or just read for entertainment. Start accumulating your own books to stock your internal bookshelf.

If you want a recommendation, here’s an all-time favorite; The Giving Tree.