Tuning Out

Last week’s pay note was about tuning in. If you’re tuned out, it’s hard to know when and where to tune up. But sometimes tuning out can be just as good as tuning in.

Think of tuning out as taking a time out. There’s a place and time for taking a tune out just as there is for tuning in. In fact, tuning out can often help you determine where you should tune in and where to tune up.

Tuning out on purpose is taking charge of your life. How often do you get yourself some much needed quiet downtime?

Tuning out can also be for keeps. Done for good. A bad habit for instance. There’s never a bad time to start stopping it and tune it out of your life.

If you want to take more charge of your life’s direction, my advice involves some tuning in, and tuning out.

Happy New Year!