Tuning In

I’ve been teaching myself how to play guitar and piano. With music, a tuner helps detect pitch that in turn ensures the notes are played correctly.

A musical instrument becomes out of tune for a number of reasons including no reason at all. I’ve picked up my guitar after a day or two of just sitting unused and found it horribly out of tune.

In order for the instrument to be tuned, you have to make an effort to first hear that it is out of tune, then to know when it has been brought back to its proper tuning. In other words, you need to be tuned in—first.

That’s how life works. We all get out of tune. We all need a tune up and you have to be tuned in to even notice. Correcting anything requires a tune in, then a tune up.

As your year ends and you look ahead to the next, spend some time tuning in so you can determine where you could use some tuning up.