The Triple A Club

“The Triple A Club”
Most of us have some awareness of the national AAA club. You know the brand by the blue orbit circling around the three red letter A’s. It’s been around since 1901 and provides many benefits.

Did you know there is another club by the same name that costs nothing and anyone can join at any time? All it requires is the conscious commitment to become a member.


This Triple A club requires three things of a person; Ambition, Assertiveness and Attitude. Then of course there’s the doing – taking action. I suppose they ought to think about adding a fourth A to this club’s name.


I find it sad that so many people fail to live up to potential. It takes an effort to not be lazy. It requires perseverance to not give up. And it is willpower that places mind over matter and shapes the right attitude.


If you are already a member of this triple A club, be sure to keep living your life as a shining example. If you are thinking about joining, why not start today and start building your impressions. 

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