Time to Play

Life is full of situations, circumstances, priorities, schedules, to dos and emotions. One of the strongest influencers to how one feels and perceives life is through the emotions that he or she experiences along the way. That’s why having some fun is important.

When we were all kids, having fun was natural. Children are wired to play. Playing is a form of fun. Even in places of poverty you get glimpses of play and fun wherever you find children.

There is a time for all things, including play. Work, jobs, news, meetings, paying the bills … these all have their important place in life. But don’t let them shut out some time to play.

I have an office on the east coast. One day while working, I glanced out toward the open water that was rough. To my surprise a pod of dolphins had congregated and were joyfully riding the waves toward shore. They were body surfing!

If dolphins can take the time to play, so could I. Right then and there I stopped my work to get outside and play. The work would be there when I got back.