Tightening of the Noose


Have you ever noticed that what you do can have an affect on how you feel? This is especially true of those things that are or become a habit.

Traits and habits—some are good, some not so great. Some downright bad. They all have a way of loosening or tightening the noose.

You know the noose I’m talking about. It isn’t literal, but it is literally felt. Your insides get constricted when there’s guilt, fear, anger, depression, negative performance. And when you begin to feel the squeeze, it affects how you think, speak, act and behave.

When you work hard, do well, make a difference, think positive and live with love, care, purpose and direction, you become or feel more free and happy. Things loosen up.

If you feel the noose tightening, it is often self inflicted. The good news is you can loosen it with a change of thought, habit, pattern and drive to do things in a new positive direction.

Break a bad habit and feel the freedom.