The Third Attribute

For Building Impressions and Improved Performance
From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The third attribute is TEAMWORK.

The power of a team can only be seen when it is put into action, and then it is wonderful to behold. When the first and second attributes are applied to a team, they form a solid foundation. When a true team is aligned and unified through a vision, plan, purpose, and mission, it can endure and prosper.

Teamwork requires a commitment from every member. Membership is not a right but a privilege that is earned by giving yourself to the team. You choose your level of contribution. If you give little, expect little. When you put the mission of the team above your own, you will have greater resources for achievement than you could ever dream of having alone.

Look at the geese when they fly in formation. Observe the wolves when they hunt. Even an army of ants can defeat the largest of beasts. What they all have in common is the power that comes from teamwork.

Teamwork is the attribute of amazing accomplishment, momentum, harmony, sustainability, and growth. 

Winning at anything requires hard work and certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves contains ten of the most important ones that drive success. Learn all ten of these attributes and start applying them to your life.