Thinketh. Becometh.

You become what you think about. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been told by some people a lot smarter than me. In my experience, it doesn’t always work. I’m still not a rock star. But it works most of the time.

The odds of getting what you want or want to become go way up when you think about it first. That’s why having goals and making plans are so important. They move to from thinking to becoming.

Thinketh. Becometh. Think it. Become it. Its an orderly two-step process that starts in the mind then leads to action. Action then renders a reaction. A series of reactions can eventually bring your wants closer and closer.

Wanting something, even if more a need than a yearning, is almost meaningless without action. A dream enters our minds and remains there until it is brought into the world through our actions.

You dream because you can think. And if you become what you think about, then thinketh about what you want or want to become, then take the steps to becometh.

At one time, long ago, I wanted to be rock star. I’m now almost fifty. I just started learning how to play music. They say it’s never too late, or better late than never. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll just keep practicing, playing, and preparing.

Even if it remains a dream and I never become a rock star, I wouldn’t be making music today if I hadn’t thought about it first, then started playing.