The Road Map

Remember the days of the printed road map? When GPS didn’t exist? I always found it fun and adventurous to figure out the route to take to a destination by planning the journey from the printed road map. Today, GPS technology in our phones tells us where to go. The fun is gone. But not with business.

In business, there’s no app or technology or voice to tell us what to do moment by moment. We still have to figure it all out on our own. A road map is still quite useful. When it comes to business the road map is called a plan. Within the plan are priorities.

Having priorities and having a plans are the next two new attributes. Plans and priorities guide actions, steps, behaviors, choices, thoughts and use of resources. They are two attributes that lead to attaining goals and achieving milestones, like being in business for 25 years. They will guide us on our journey for the next 25 years as well.