The Right Thing

At our company, within the business culture, we have three golden rules; The Company Comes First, Do Things Right, and Do the Right Things.

What’s right today can be tough to see or know. The times are in murky waters.

What used to be considered right and fair to all concerned has often become more beneficial to few and expected to be tolerated by all. Then I’m told or forced to accept the flip flop as being the right thing to do. But is it?

Today the answer is often up to opinion more than principle. People like privileges, not rules. But rules always precede playing a game. Life and business are played out like a game. You play games for two reasons; for enjoyment and to win.

Doing the right things helps the individual, and the organization, to win. It also provides a better field for playing the great game of business, and the game of life.

So practice doing the right things. It will lead you to doing things right and putting others, or your organization, first. When everybody does that, everybody wins.