The Missing Moon

What? No full moon? That’s right. There will be no full moon for this February, something that has not happened since 1999. Where did it go?
Well, it appears as though this year’s February was robbed by January and March who will each enjoy two full moons. To top that off, almost as if teasing about her acquisition, the last full moon of January included a super blood moon and lunar eclipse to boot. Poor little February.
It sucks when something important or meaningful has been sucked out or taken away. That part of you is missing. My wife and I moved late last year. We’re still getting used to the new setting and way of life. We find ourselves missing many things. In this case, however, we did this to ourselves—by choice.
Sometimes a loss comes unexpectedly with no warning where you have no control over its happening.  A lost loved one for instance continues to leave a hole in our lives. They are missing. Gone. Taken. We are robbed of their beautiful presence, like February’s full moon.
We have a large family. That means lots of birthdays — including this month. Though some of our family are missing, like the missing light of the full moon, we will celebrate them just as we celebrate those still here with us.
Be sure to love your loved ones while you have them.