The Markets Are Going To Crash Today!

The Markets Are Going to Crash Today!
April Fools!

But so what if they did. There’s nothing you or I could do about it. Accept maybe allow ourselves to worry or react out of the fear like the media certainly would.

I have no idea what the markets will do today. But I can choose to not care one way or the other. It’s a choice of attitude and priorities.

If thoughts about your money are on the top of your mind, start taking the steps needed to put them out of mind. I know, for some of us this is easier to say than do. Especially if staring at retirement in the near future.

Your money is like everything else that is “yours” … it’s not really yours! You’re here on earth for a time and in that time many things will be put in your care, and taken away. Some are perceived as earned. But they are really just the common result of consequence; if you do this, that will happen.

Here’s the point:

If the markets crash, who cares. Don’t give such things the privilege of hogging your time and attention when they don’t deserve it. Happiness comes with peace. Peace comes from taking small wise steps along the way, including with our money, then putting priority on how, when, and where to live out your purposes free from markets, politics or anything else that shifts your attention.

Now excuse me as I attend to my bills and check my accounts.