The Gift

You have a gift. Maybe two or three. We all have gifts. If you don’t know your gifts or have not found them yet, keep searching. Here’s a hint; sometimes one of your gifts is just you, not what you can do.

Your gifts are for giving and sharing. They are gifts to give to others, not just for you to keep. Here’s a question; what are you doing with your gifts?

Besides the God-given gifts we have within us, we are given other gifts. Time is one of them. Relationships another. I can’t think of two better gifts. Where you spend your time, with whom you spend it, and how it spent is also a gift. What you do is a choice. What you do can become like a gift.

Christmas is a season of gifts and giving. For some it celebrates and reminds us of the greatest gift—ever. I like Christmas for many reasons including it’s purpose wrapped around the themes and gifts and giving.

Here’s another question; what is your purpose? Here’s a hint; it can change from moment to moment. Here’s another hint; your gifts serve your purposes.

Make time, relationships, and your gifts part of your gift-giving this Christmas, and beyond. You are a gift. You are the gift.