The Center of the Universe

At the center of the universe is YOU!

The universe outside of us is continual and forever with no boundaries that can be defined. The science of nanotechnology is taking us to places and spaces, even within us, where the tiniest of particles and matter exist. The limits in both directions seem to go on for infinity.

With this thought, I can’t help but to think arrogantly that I am at the center of the universe. Well, at least of my universe. And I would argue that you are at the center of yours. That makes us pretty special.

Though we co-exist with others, each of us exists independently of each other at the same time. Together we share an outward universe while our inward universes are uniquely our own.

These two universes collide at a point within you. They go with you your entire life as you live out the balancing act of you and them taking turns being in control. A key to living more prosperously and contently is knowing when and how to take advantage of times when control is yours and respecting the moments that are not.

Your universe revolves around you. It evolves with you. It is involved in all you do. Out of all the things in creation, you were made the most special. That is why you are at the center of the universe.