The Art of Telling

We often hear about the art of selling. When was the last time you heard about the art of telling? For me it happened just last month when reading the Signs of the Times national trade publication.

Derak Johnson has a monthly column in the magazine. I’m an avid reader and fan of his writing. I like his wit, humor and intelligence applied to important topics related to the visual communications industry. And communications happened to be the topic in this particular article.

The term he used that I liked was the art of telling. So I contacted Derak to tell him I liked what he wrote and asked permission to use it in a Pay Note.

The art of telling places as much responsibility for clearly communicating on the one doing the talking, or directing, or managing, or delivering a message, as it is does to the one on the receiving end.

Hearing doesn’t equate to listening. Careful listening is only half of what it takes for good communications. The other half is in the telling. Put both together and the picture is much clearer—and it helps with everything, not just in sales.

Like many things in life besides sales, the art of selling depends on the art of telling.