The Tenth Attribute

From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The tenth attribute is RELIABILITY.

The reliable person is stable, trustworthy, and revered. Reliability is observed; it is experienced by those around you.

The seasons are reliable; you can count on them. The compass points north. With it, you will always know the direction you face. The sun rises and sets every day of every year. The moon separates the days of the year into monthly segments of time. The sun and moon do not take a break. You can rely on them.

People like being able to rely on the seasons, the compass directions, the sun, and the moon. They like knowing which people they can count on, as well. Most people treasure reliability. To be reliable, you must overcome obstacles. You must speak the truth. You must finish what you start. Your word has to mean something. It should mean everything.

You cannot wake up one day and say you are reliable. Reliability must be proven. You can start at any time. With consistency, reliability will come to characterize you. Once the other attributes become a natural part of you, you will automatically become more reliable. When you have demonstrated your reliability, you will be given additional responsibility.

Reliability, the tenth attribute, will make you special, wanted, and needed. 

You’ve just read the Tenth Attribute for advancing personally and professionally.
Winning at anything takes more than just hard work.
It requires certain qualities or attributes.
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves contains ten of them.