Tapping Out


Tapping Out
I confess … I watch UFC. I can’t help it. Wrestling is part of my family’s heritage. You might be wondering why I make these two seemingly unrelated statements, unless you understand both of these sports. For those that don’t, I’ll try to explain.

Wrestling and the Ultimate Fighting Championship are two different sports that share some common traits and similarities. For one thing, the former is part of the latter. Both involve grappling and position for dominance over an opponent.

What I admire the most is the athletes. For the most, the people who enter “the octagon” or step onto a mat are very courageous. They know they are going to face an adversary who has the same goal of winning, and losing can be painful.

In the UFC, a fighter has the option of “taping out,” which is the equivalent of giving up. I’ll never forget one particular match where one of the fighters was losing badly and could have given up, but didn’t. He ended up winning. When they interviewed him, the front of his shirt said, “Jesus Didn’t Tap Out.”

Often in life we face obstacles that make us want to tap out or give up. Situations can be hard and tough to get through. When they are, don’t be too quick to tap out. Your victory might just be around the corner.