Sweeping Floors

“Willing to Sweep Floors”
I once hired a talented smart hard-working young man who was aspiring to be a CEO one day. He was finishing grad study in college and earning a degree in business and business administration. He had all the goods from looks and physique to excellent writing and speaking skills.
What went wrong? He wasn’t willing to sweep my floors.

Had he been, he might have eventually become a company division general manager then a VP or even the next CEO. It wasn’t until he was here on the team that his colors came out to show a higher-than-mighty attitude that was too good for getting his hands dirty. He was not open to being patient and learning the business from the ground up. He wanted it all – right now.

We all want more and want it fast. But it doesn’t work that way. You have got to be willing to sweep floors first. One you are, you are on your way to winning and building impressions.