Start Your Spring Pure and Clean

February. It’s the middle child of winter tucked between the all the excitement of a white Christmas New Year and the arrival of spring’s greens and blooms. It also got the short end of the stick compared to her other calendar companions — even on the years where she has one extra day!
Yet amidst her shortcomings and seasonal position, February is cloaked in the color of inventiveness, imagination, awareness, individuality, expression, inspiration, connectivity, royalty and purity. Her given official color is violet. How fitting is that given the fact that the official color for 2018 is ultra-violet.
Of all her colorful attributes, I most admire her purity, which is how she got her name in the first place. Februum is Latin for purification. Febrarius was the early Roman mid-month festival of cleaning to prepare for spring.
Here’s an idea inspired by February: Take a few moments during this dark, cold, damp, short month, and do some purifying and cleansing in order to prepare for the spring and year ahead. Find the places in your life where it could be better or more rewarding and start doing what it takes to make it so.