Spring Chickens

Spring has finally sprung! You know what that means? It’s baby season! A drive through the country by some farms will prove it as bouncing babies will abound from baby lambs, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses to chickens. Actually, many of these animals are born year round, but that sort of ruins where I’m going with this pay note.
The spring chicken refers to either the literal baby chick or to someone who is of a very young age. When we reach the more mature stages is life, then we’re no spring chicken any longer. That is, on the outside.
Science says that when we see, touch, hold or hang out with a baby, whether human or animal, it can have healthy effects including the regulation of a heart beat to reducing stress. (I assume this assumes that the baby is being a good baby.) They also say if you act younger, you’ll feel younger. (I’m sure there are boundaries to the behavior).
You might not be a spring chicken on the outside, but on the inside you can still fill up with the energy and enthusiasm of one. Or, just go for a ride and drive by a farm. Either way, its choice and attitude that truly determines whether or not a part of you is a spring chicken, or not. Live life with more energy and fun. They will provide a dose of spring chicken.