The Sneaky Conniver

“The Sneaky Conniver”
Life has a way of catching up. It will chase and follow and even lead you to destinations that you deserve based on your track record of choices, words and actions. Therefore we should make them count. We should make them worthy, valuable and honorable.

I recently learned that a General Manager over one of our divisions spent his time (on our dime) researching and buying equipment to set up shop and go into the exact business he was overseeing for us. The trust and flexibility given to him to manage his graphics print shop was turned into the opportunity and temptation to become a sneaky conniver. And now he’s going into competition with us.

Since life has that way of giving us what we deserve, and since what goes around comes around, I have to believe this young man will learn his lessons over time. I have. And one thing I learned is that it pays to act in ways that others benefit through selfless service without worrying about the rewards. They come in due time.

With “Building Impressions,” beware of The Sneaky Conniver. He’s only setting himself up for a path that will take a wrong turn down the road. But if you are not careful and alert he can take you down a road unplanned as well.

Remember the wise words of Zig Ziglar … You have what you want in life if you help others get they want first.