Smooth Sailing

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Smooth Sailing
Have you ever gone sailing? It isn’t smooth. It fact its hard and its hard work. The wind that drive the boat by filling its sails will come in puffs, blasts and gales. There are also times when there is no breeze at all leaving the boat at a complete standstill.

Harder yet is when the wind moves, shifts and changes direction. It once took the most part of a day for me and friend to make it back once we set sail for a little time out on the water. It was supposed to be something fun to do for a couple hours. But the wind would not cooperate. It would whip in, die out, then come back at a new angle. We zig zagged to no avail until rescued in late evening and towed back home.

That’s how life is.

Like the sailboat, there are many things you can control. Although you can’t control the wind or other circumstances, you can put your sails up and travel to destinations while building impressions along the journey.