The Sixth Attribute

For Building Impressions, Reaching Goals, and Achieving Success
From Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The sixth attribute is CREATIVITY.

The ultimate uniqueness of man is the ability to be a creator. A bird crafts her nest with care, using materials in nature. It is made for function. Although she uses no creativity, she unknowingly builds a work of art. You, with creativity and awareness, can build a beautiful palace.

Creativity will open closed doors and find doors not yet discovered. It will then guide others through those doors.

Creativity serves a purpose in all walks of life. It can be applied to processes, presentations, policies, and products. Creativity solves problems. It invents, enhances, and evolves industry. It also produces leadership that is able to motivate others, cultivate an energetic environment, and provide people with meaning in their jobs.

Organizations are strengthened by creativity. Without it, work can be mundane, leading to boredom, repetition and declining profits.
You must exercise the creative side of yourself. It is there, waiting for you to use it. You can change your life and your circumstances with a single idea. You can also change someone else’s life. With the right idea, you can even change the world.

Be creative in your thoughts, words, and actions. Use creativity for the greater good. Watch for moments when creativity can make the difference. With creativity come responsibility and accountability. Guard your motives well.

Mind, body, and soul join together in the creative process. The bird builds a nest through instinct. You have been given the ability to add creativity to instinct. The Creator made you a creator, in His image. Honor that gift through your creativity.

Creativity is the attribute that makes something completely new or changes what already is so that it becomes a new creation. 

Advancing requires more than just hard work. Winning takes certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves contains ten of them.