I shouldn’t be here …

“I shouldn’t be here”

Have you lived through a dramatic moment where you are lucky to still be alive? My son recently experienced such a time and event where he can truly claim that he shouldn’t even be here, but by the grace of God he is.

Sometimes these things happen in life as a result of a decision or an action that could have been controlled or avoided. The building of impressions takes place at the intersection where choice influences chance. It can steer you toward favorable conditions or take you down a dangerous direction.

If you find yourself in a situation or circumstance where you are saying to yourself, “I shouldn’t be here,” that’s your clue to do the right thing. If not, you might not have the opportunity at the end to be able to even say, “I shouldn’t be here.” You might not be around to have that option.

My son learned this. I’ve learned this. I hope this Pay Note serves as a little lesson for all of us.