The Seventh Attribute

That leads to improvement and achievement
From Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The seventh attribute is PROACTIVITY.

“Proactive” is a word that describes acting effectively in anticipation of future circumstances or occurrences. The qualities that support a proactive stance are assertiveness, eagerness, enthusiasm, and dedication, all of which are aimed at taking charge. Being proactive implies taking a stance that says you cannot wait and will not wait. You will act now and with determination.

Proactivity involves creating a plan and anticipating the challenges that may arise, thus allowing you to plan your response in advance. Sometimes, choosing restraint is the best choice. At other times, assertive action is required. When you are proactive, problems can be avoided, and energy that might have been wasted on reacting can be conserved.

The proactive person commands attention, and people want to follow. The person who produces positive results through proactivity grows in stature and responsibility. That person is valued and needed by others both above and below him.

When you become proactive, you experience greater order. Increased order leads to greater peace. Be proactive and take control of your destiny. 

Confidence, control, contentment and happiness are well within your reach when you tap into the power that comes from applying the lessons in this book. Learn all ten of these attributes and apply them to your life. Make this the year of improvement.