The Second Attribute

For Building Impressions and Improved Performance
From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
By Scott Franko
The second attribute is EFFORT.

Effort is closely related to attitude, the first attribute. The two can strengthen or weaken each other, depending on how you harness and unleash their power. It is through effort that you can attain and accomplish your desires and dreams, goals and objectives.
When aimed in the direction of a mission, a true, dedicated effort can bring about significant change. It can also help sustain you when change is the result of a negative force that is applied to a situation.

Effort is a power that comes from within, and you determine the amount of effort that you apply. Although effort is invisible, it becomes visible to others when they observe your behavior and performance.

The reward of a valiant effort is greater than any material or physical compensation. It forms character and may attract the kind of admiration that creates excellent servants and leaders.

Many people will put their hand upon a task and give up when it becomes difficult. Few will overcome the challenges. Those who do are the ones who understand what effort can do. Effort produces great works of art, turns iron into a mighty sword, and forms gold into crowns. Nothing magnificent comes about without the investment of time and energy that effort provides.

Effort is the attribute that produces results. 

Advancing personally and professionally requires more than just hard work. Winning at anything requires certain qualities or attributes. Ten of them are contained in the award winning book Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves. Learn and apply them to your life. Start today.