Salad Man

“Salad Man”

I once called for an unscheduled full staff meeting to deal with an issue that was becoming rampant and out of control. It was time to call a time-out and bring the entire team together in order to see the problems and address them.
Our business had grown into divisions and we were experiencing growing pains. We had several new people on staff and we were not functioning very smoothly. We were out of sync. People were working, but not working in the proper sequence that leads to good customer service or avoiding mistakes and re-dos.
The illustration I used was that of an elegant restaurant. From the customer’s perspective, they are there to eat and enjoy a pleasant experience. Our job is to give them both, not just one or the other.
Although we’re not a restaurant, we were carrying out our services as if we were seating customers then putting potatoes on the plate without the meat and forgetting the water. We were serving salads after the main course and to people who didn’t order one.
Everybody was doing their job but not conducting the job with proper timing or within the scope of the meal that was ordered. The hostess, waiter and chef were not working on the same page. The “Salad Man” was busily handing out his salads because it was “his job” but he wasn’t paying attention to who should actually get one and to the proper time to serve it.
Don’t be a “Salad Man.”
In order to achieve the affection of your customer, the whole team needs to give the right effort, focus and execution of your services. The same is true if you make a product. You can’t focus on just quantity or quality or cutting expenses or profit. You got to keep them all in mind when providing something meaningful and worth the money a customer pays.
That’s how you build your impressions.