Right and Left Brains

The right side of the brain is said to be associated with creativity and emotion. The left side is related to logic and lineal thinking. One side is smart. The other crafty.
Some people tend to be a thinker while others prefer to tinker. Like many things in life, too much of one thing isn’t always good. Balance and moderation is sometimes the right amount.
I’m a designer and work with branding. I’ve also owned businesses and I consult other businesses. What I have found to be very true in many cases is that the best results have come about when both the right and the left side of the brains are blended and contribute equally to solutions and success.
I call this the convergence of the cerebral with the creative, where the two streams come together and meet to become a stronger flowing river with a current that is harder to stop.
You can be more one than the other—a lefty or a righty—but utilizing both will make you more mighty.