Be Ready, Not Perfect

“Be Ready, Not Perfect”

Perfectionism walks the line of being a good or not so good quality or characteristic. It depends on the situation and extremity that is plays in performance, completion and accomplishment.

Ready. Set. Go! We’ve all heard these set of instructions in the world of sports or in competition. Once you step up to the line or put yourself into the contest you can’t wait for everything around you to become perfect. The only thing that matters is doing your best from start to finish.

Here’s the point … to start and finish anything worth building impressions requires you to be ready, not perfect. It helps to do all you do with an element of excellence but you don’t have to wait for everything to be absolutely perfect in order to take action. Otherwise somebody might beat you to the punch.

Don’t appear stagnate or unproductive because you’re working on being perfect. Get out there and do something by allowing yourself to be willing, able and ready – now.