Reading, Righting, and Rithmetic

I have three suggestions. They are timely. Especially at the beginning of a new year when many of us are looking at what we want to change, quit or add to our lives and goals.

Here they are; reading, righting, and rithmetic.

I highly recommend more reading. Pick some books and find sources or content that fit with your interests and objectives.

I enjoy writing. Many people do not. In fact, I’m finding out that most people prefer reading over writing when given a choice. So how about righting instead. If you can’t write a song, then right a wrong.

Math. Yuk. But necessary. Think finances, bills, debts, accounting, taxes, investments. Rithmetic follows us from our days in school and never goes away. And here’s what I’ve learned about that; you have two choices—get better at it and take charge of how it affects you, or let it take charge of you.

Read. Right. Numbers. Three worthy avenues to an improved you.