Prepare to be Prepared

Do you prepare to be prepared? It’s a habit of winners. Those who seem to gain more successes in life spend time preparing to be prepared.

Luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. Actually there is no luck. But that’s an opinion for another time. Luck is an invented word for describing how some people see the good fortune of others. If you were able to peel back the layers of time and circumstances you’d be able to see the sequence and chronology of efforts and events leading up to the lucky moment.

To be prepared, or equipped, you need to first prepare and acquire the equipment. Preparing takes time, commitment, effort and practice. While doing that, you’ll find, discover or realize what equipment you’ll need for the future so you’ll be prepared for that golden opportunity.

What equipment you may wonder? I consider the following as some of the tools and equipment required for being prepared; vision, goals, plans, values, work ethic, skills, experience, network, maturity and will power.

Work on gaining these and you’ll be on your way to preparing to be prepared for the lucky opportunities that will enhance your life.