To my of thinking, there is no room for “pompousity” when it comes leadership and teamwork. In fact, nobody’s life is made any better by a pompous presence. The only thing one creates is the fact that everybody knows who it belongs to.
Many stars and famous people have earned the not-so-honorable pompous badge and reputation. Why they do this is beyond me. I’m not a star and am far from fame. But I am at the top of ladder as a company president and CEO. Therefore, humility and humbleness are all the more important.

Leaders are not the only ones who get bitten by the pompous bug. I’ve seen it creep into all kinds of people, at all ages and at all levels of title or role. I’ve even seen the “I’m great pretentiousness” attitude spread like a disease if not squashed before it does corporate damage.

It is sometimes described in other terms like self-centered, overbearing, uppity, vain and conceited. Even the young generation of today has the stigma of being entitled. My advice to them is to prove you aren’t by your service and character.

Remember, one rotten apple can spoil the bunch. Pompousity is a rotten apple.