A Playback of the 10 New Attributes for 2017

Over the past weeks you’ve been presented with ten new top attributes for the new year and beyond. They build upon the original ten attributes of our first quarter century of being in business. Those first ten influenced where we’ve come so far. The next ten will contribute to the success of the future.

Here’s a recap of the ten new attributes:

Talent, Passion, Calling, Potential, Service, Ambition, Confidence, Plan, Priorities, and Communication.

Think of in this way …

Discover your talent and be passionate about how to apply them to a calling. Understand your potential. Make what you do a calling as you serve others. Be ambitious enough to keep moving forward with confidence. You’ll become even more confident over time. Focus your time, energy and resources to plan. Make and stick to priorities. Do your part to clearly communicate.