Piss in the Soup

“Piss in the Soup”

Nobody likes it when someone comes along and messes up our stuff. We tend to take a liking and ownership to those things we become involved with and attached too. That includes our jobs, our space, our things.

It would be nice if those things were left uninterrupted. But it just doesn’t work that way. You can labor all you want to create the perfect conditions or project. But all the efforts in the world won’t keep Murphy from coming along to piss in the soup.

In order to stay on the path of Building Impressions you’ve got to expect hiccups and bumps in the road. If you expect them, you’ll be more apt to work in a proactive manner.

Being proactive is one of the attributes of leadership and better performance. It leads to setting and attaining goals, contingency planning and then a new set of goals and plans. It helps you stay in motion and not content with keeping put. It protects your soup while also looking ahead at a new recipe.

Life isn’t always neat. Get used to it.