Piss in the Soup – Part Two

A year ago I wrote a Pay Note titled Piss in the Soup … a note about the value of being proactive in order to avoid messing up the plans of others by being the cause of urgency do to a lack of planning or foresight.

There’s more to what Piss in the Soup means. So here’s part two:

My father in law used to say don’t piss in the soup. This phrase wasn’t meant to offend anybody. I’m hopeful that my sharing it here isn’t offending anybody either. If so, that is not the intention.

Here’s the point:

When I was a younger man and was growing in my role and leadership in the business, he had his colorful ways of teaching me good management lessons. This was one of them.

What he was telling and reminding me was to be careful and cautious with when and how to approach others. If not done right, I might cause more harm than good.

The lesson was to be mindful of others before sticking myself into their business or else I would be like someone coming around to just piss in their soup.

And nobody likes that guy, or when that happens.