Piece of Cake

No problem. I got this. That’s a breeze. No brainer. Like cherry pie … or a piece of cake. We’ve all heard these, been told these, or have even said them.

What I can’t stand is when they are not taken seriously or are fully backed. Saying something like that should be taken very seriously. Words mean nothing if the actions don’t reflect them.

The “piece of cake” expression originated in the Royal Air Force in the late 1930’s according to the free dictionary online. Their tagline; Agile, Adaptable, Capable.

Part of the RAF core values statement is having the “distinctive character, spirit and attitude to face and overcome challenge, and on occasion, danger.”

When they say piece of cake, they don’t take it lightly. Neither should we.

One thing I’ve learned about customers is that they appreciate, respect and like it when I can assure that what they want or need will be a piece of cake — that is, as long as I deliver on that promise.

If you can’t, don’t say it. If you say it, make sure the delivery of that piece of cake is a top priority.