Pay Notes

I started writing what became known as the weekly pay note in March of 1997. Every Friday as president of the company, I would write a pay note to be included in the paychecks of the employees.

This habit started out of a goal I had to elevate the quality and type of messages I could communicate that would have positive effects on the people and culture of the business.

As a leader, I believe leading involves a wide variety of responsibilities including the ability and obligation to clearly communicate. What you communicate and how you deliver the message reflects your leadership.

When I started writing Pay Notes twenty years ago, I did not know they would be become a popular ongoing blog read by thousands across the country or get published in two books. I did hope that they would inspire, challenge and elevate thoughts beyond the normal business or leadership trends of the day.

Pay Notes are notes that pay back in life at work, home, in the community, with relationships and everywhere you go. So if you enjoy these notes, stay tuned. There’s plenty more to come … including an exciting announcement next week.