Out of Sight, Out of Mind

What you think about, you become. I’m sure you have heard that before. Here are some other popular quotes concerning the power of our eyes and our minds:
The Future you see is the future you’ll get.
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Many things will catch your eye, but few your heart. Follow those.
If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you won’t, you won’t.
The eye, or vision, and the mind are very connected to each other especially in terms of how they work together to propel us in one direction or the other. Some of these directions are desired, others are not.

Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves from accomplishing our goals or attaining the things in life we want. Bad habits for instance. They can inhibit, hinder and restrain. The good news is that we have power over them. Sometimes all it takes is to simply close our eyes.

I like to remind myself that some things are best left out of sight, out of mind. The way to the heart is through the mind. Some of the things that enter the mind get there through our eyes. They are windows or doors that we can open or close.

Remember that the next time something tries to get your attention. Be sure you want to let it in. Otherwise it might be better to just keep it out of mind, out of sight.