Old Dog, New Tricks

I consider myself sort of an older dog. Not quite old, just older. Old enough to appreciate the old tricks and speculate on the new ones that pop up every day that are invented by new dogs, for new dogs.
Snap Chat is a great timely example. I am not able to yet articulate on its value to mankind other than providing some laughs at how its video interface can distort a face and voice to cartoon-like quality.
However, does Snapping and Chatting help a young person today get, keep, and get ahead in life? Are businesses taking applications via Snaps?
Snap is a new trick. I’m an older dog. I like email, phone calls, letters and eye to eye conversations. Traditions still have a place, except for faxes. Do they still fax?
Though I’m an older dog, I’ll consider and even use some of the new tricks. In turn, I’d like to see the younger newer dogs be open and considerate of some of our time-tested proven-to-work old tricks. Is that too much to ask?