Twenty-four hour television, get so loud that no one listens. Sex and money and politicians talk, talk, talk. But there really ain’t no conversation. Ain’t nothing left to the imagination. Trapped in our phones and we can’t make it stop, stop … This noise.
Yeah we scream, yeah we shout ’til we don’t have a voice. In the streets, in the crowds, it ain’t nothing but noise. Drowning out all the dreams of this Tennessee boy. Just tryna be heard in all this noise.

Those are some of the lyrics to the song Noise by Kenny Chesney. There was an interview with him on Sirius XM Radio where he described the song and how living life today is like living and competing with all this noise everywhere. It comes at us from all angles and places. To top it off,  technology creates even more noise while it provides improvement and convenience.
So what do we do with this noise? Turn it off? Make more noise and try to be herad? Kenny Chesney gets heard because he’s a talented song writer. You don’t have to write a song to be heard in this noisy world though.
You make your own unique noise and music when you take what you like and what you are good at and combine them into a performance that serves or benefits others. You can also make the most of your circumstances.
If you’re a dad, be a good dad. Make being a dad unique. Make music as a mom that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Put your stamp on the world  by being the best version of you. And don’t worry about the noise.