The Ninth Attribute

From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The ninth attribute is RESOURCEFULNESS.

Resourcefulness conquers. It defeats adversaries and threats, not by force but through shrewdness and ingenuity.

A resourceful person is clever and bright, someone who knows how to seek, gain, and use wisdom for the greater cause. Some will say of the resourceful person that he or she is intelligent. That may be true, but the root of intelligence is resourcefulness. It aims intelligence toward worthy targets. Intelligence without resourcefulness can be dangerous.

Inventiveness and discernment are byproducts of resourcefulness. These qualities will serve you well in life. Through resourcefulness, the other attributes gain favor and strength. You will be able to call upon them at will and apply them to all circumstances and conditions.

When in doubt, pause. Inspiration will come to the aid of the person who needs it. All it takes is allowing yourself to receive inspiration with an open mind. It may come to you in ways you could never imagine. Being resourceful means being open to inspiration and having the ability to use it to advance your mission.

Being resourceful is the act of finding and using resources. By recognizing them and allowing them to become part of your plan of action, you grow in your ability to manage and lead. Your value and worth grow, as well. You rise above the average and attain higher levels of existence.

Resourcefulness is the attribute of winners. Be resourceful in all you do. 

Confidence, control, contentment and happiness are well within your reach when you tap into the power that comes from applying the lessons in this book.
Learn all ten of these attributes and apply them to your life.