Nine Stone in Three Days

“Nine Stones in Three Days”

I recently went through an experience I hope to never go through again. It was the most physically painful weekend of my life.

They say that a kidney stone is excruciating. I’d always heard that it is like giving birth for a man. Well, I can tell you first-hand that I don’t know what having a baby feels like but I can definitely attest to the fact that passing a kidney stone has got to be among the worst things that can happen to anybody. Over the course of that hellish weekend I had nine of them. Yes – nine stones in three days.

We all face difficult or challenging moments that we must endure and overcome. But those are also where we sculpt and shape our character, our faith and our dependency upon others and things outside of ourselves. That’s where we can build impressions that inspire and influence others and outcomes in a positive way no matter how painful the conditions.

Aside from cursing those painful little rascals, I came to appreciate how they reminded me that I am vulnerable and life is fragile. And drinking lots of water is wise.